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Mocha Tea Rusk Tiramisu

I love tiramisu and this symphony of chocolate and coffee is my twist on the classic Italian dessert.

It's creamy, luscious and the crisp dark chocolate topping brings this whole dessert together!

You need this in your me.

Makes: 1 loaf pan worth of tiramisu


For the creamy chocolate filling:

1/2 cup whipping cream

1/4 cup powdered sugar

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/3 cup mascarpone (room temperature)

For the tea rusks:

8 plain tea rusks

1/2 cup of black coffee-room temperature

For the chocolate topping:

2 cubes of dark chocolate

1 teaspoon coconut oil

For garnish (optional):

1 tablespoon white chocolate chips

Instructions: 1) Start by making the creamy chocolate filling. In a large bowl, whip the whipped cream with an electric mixer/stand mixer till it reaches medium peaks, then add in the vanilla extract.

2) Sift in the cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Mix it in on a slow speed till roughly combined before increasing the speed of the mixer and completely mixing in the ingredients.

3) In a separate bowl add the mascarpone. Add 1/4 cup of the chocolate whipped cream mixture into the mascarpone and fold it in to aerate the mascarpone before adding the mascarpone into the remaining whipped cream mixture. Gently fold them together.

4) Pour the black coffee in a shallow bowl and soak a tea rusk in for around 5 seconds on each side before flipping it and soaking the other side for another 5 seconds.

Then place the soaked tea rusk in a loaf pan.

Repeat this process until a layer of 4 tea rusks is made in the loaf pan.

5) Add half of the chocolate filling on the tea rusks. Spread is out evenly with a spatula.

6) Add another layer of 4 soaked tea rusks on this, before adding the rest of the filling and spreading it out. Chill this in the fridge for 30 minutes

7) Make the chocolate topping by melting the dark chocolate cubes with coconut oil.

Drizzle this over the chilled tiramisu and watch it set instantly to create a delectable hard shell of chocolate!

8) For garnish, sprinkle on the white chocolate chips (optional).


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1 Comment

Mar 08, 2023

Today I discovered an easy method to make cupcakes just because of the way Raina presented..

loved the way it is presented with an “easy to understand” approach !

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