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The RWorld Cookbook

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Book Reviews

Mother and Daughters Cooking



Splendid – is one word that comes to my mind when I read this book. I loved the simplistic approach, embodiment of family values and complete honesty with which this book is written. The addition of small snippets from her childhood memories breathes life into the book. Colourful pictures make reading a joyous experience and also serve as a visual guideline for newbies.  A good book for those who love the art of cooking and want to delight others with their fresh new take on a wide array of foods – from sweet confections to salty savouries.

Image by Drew Hays



The RWorld Cookbook embarks us on a fascinating journey filled with passion, creativity, authenticity, ethnicity, and the sheer desire to design unique dishes to satisfy your cravings. The recipes are straightforward to cook and original. I enjoy the balance between the quantity of text and pictures making the recipes more fulfilling to read. The photography in the book is fantastic, mouth-watering almost. Rai’s tips and flavouring options add a distinctive ‘flavour’ to this book.

Overall, the entire book is published in a grand and opulent style. I enjoy how it looks on the shelf, on the counter, and in my hands when I work with it or read it. The print quality is excellent and it's going to be a great addition to my collection of cookbooks. Kudos to Rai (Raina) for this amazing attempt and looking forward to more books.

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