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Workspace makeover

Updated: May 6

All of us know this feeling-

But today I am going to share my tips and ideas on how to spruce up your workspace so that you can be more productive and creative whether you are in school, college or work.Being productive in a time like this can be hard, you have no one to push you and inspire you so you are less likely to do your work.

But my post today is going to help you get through Mondays like this!-

Rai's simple steps to transform your workspace :

Step 1 - The location of your workspace:

You might think that the location of your workspace won't matter but it does. The atmosphere and light in the room you are in can make a difference in the quality of work that you produce.

When I was working in a room which was dark and with no sunlight or fresh air I felt low on energy but then when I shifted to another room with many windows, sunlight and fresh air I felt energised even after hours of work.

When you are changing the location of your workspace keep in mind of these points or make a checklist out of them-

  1. A lot of sunlight

  2. Fresh air

  3. Large space and not cramped and small

  4. Versatile and customisable

Step 2 - Clean it out :

To design and decorate you workspace you need a blank canvas and a empty space.Remove/donate/reuse/throw away unnecessary and unusable items and only keep the items that spark joy to you. In Marie Kondo's (Japanese organising consultant) books she has mentions that objects which don't spark joy or happiness should no longer stay in your house and should be thanked before giving them away. I know this method sounds different but when you thank items that no longer spark joy to you don't tend to feel a emotional connection with the object or even guilt. Let me know in the comments down if you would like me to write a post on one of Marie Kondo's books-

When cleaning out think about how you are going to re-organise and decorate your space so you have an idea about what you want to do after cleaning out your desk.

Step 3-Inspiration boards

Before you start decorating/organising your space you should make an inspiration board either online or physically.You can include-

- Colours that you want

- Patterns and Shapes

- Plants

- Posters/painting

- Anything you want!

Having an idea about what theme you want for your workspace can help so much.

Step 4 - Decorate and organise

This is time for fun!

On this part of the post I want to share some of my personal favourite decor ideas which you can customise yourself for your own needs.






After you have figured out the vibe for you desk, pick accessories for your desk to achieve your vibe and style.

Accessories can include-

- A small plant

- Paintings

- Posters

- Show pieces

- Anything that motivates you

- A lamp

I wanted to share one of my favourite DIY stationary/organisation ideas which I got from the

WhatsUpMoms Youtube channel. I have tried this DIY myself and think that it is super easy, looks so cool and is way less expensive then the ones you get at the store/online.

Marbled Desk Accessories/organisers-


Marble craft paper- buy it here Accessories/organisers-Pencil stands, binder clips, pens etc.....


1. Cut your paper to size, wrap around your accessory and make sure everything lines up. 2. Once it does, peel off the back and attach it to your accessory making sure that there are no air pockets

3.Enjoy using your brand new marble desk organiser!

Some other cool organisation and decor ideas-

1) Decorative metal grids-Add photos, plants, notes and more!

2) Desktop organisers

3) Drawer Organisation - use old card box, show box lids, make your own origami box or buy bamboo organisers...

4) Tag board for putting up ideas and to do list etc..

5) File/paper storage

I love drawing and writing notes. By end of the week, I have tons of paper on my desk. I am sure it happens with you too. So a good paper segregator will help in this case.

6) Pens and pencils and colours - I love colour pencils, pens, calligraphy pens as I like to make lots of visuals for my homework, for my baking work etc. I have tons of these and it can get messy if not housed into proper container. Also everyweek, sorting and going through it, sharpening the pencils is regular chore. So store all stationary in category wise bin, glass container, pot container...

Reorganising can make life easy, peaceful and open creative paths everyday and bring joy in everyday work.

So I would highly recommend everyone to spend sometime in reorganising, cleaning and decorating your workspace.

This is my personal workspace where I do my school as well work on my brand and Instagram (please follow rworld.online for more content)-

Make sure to follow rworld.online on Instagram for some more inspiration!

I hope this post inspired you to stay productive and creative by reorganising, cleaning and decorating your workspace

Let me know in the comments down below if you found this post helpful and/or some other great post ideas.


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