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Unicorn Rainbow Cake

Hey everyone it's Rai.

Recently I got an order for a unicorn rainbow cake for my cousin, Riti's 5th birthday. This year she wanted a unicorn and rainbow themed cake and I was really pleased with this theme because I could be as creative as I wanted.

On this post I will share what I did everyday to make the cake, what went wrong and how we fixed that. Do note that this process can work with any cake you want to make and not just a rainbow and unicorn cake.

Day 1- I had a call with Riti and her parents so we could decide the flavour. I also did did a lot of research and sketched my cake so I had a clear idea of what I wanted.

Day 2- I made 3 layers of chocolate cake (the flavour which they wanted) and then realised 3 small layers might be too less so I made another 4. Because I had 7 layers now I thought I could make a rainbow in the cake with coloured frosting. Along with the cakes I also made a fondant unicorn which would need 2 days to dry so I made it on this day. Another reason you make the cakes on day 2 is because it will chill overnight and become super sturdy so when doing the crumb coat you will get as little crumbs as possible and will have a sturdy surface to decorate on. After making and cooling the cakes I also levelled the cakes with a sharp serrated knife before keeping it in the fridge overnight to chill. I would highly recommend making 2-3 small cupcakes with extra batter so you can have a taste and see if it needs anything. I tasted the chocolate cupcakes and thought it needed to be a little sweeter and have a stronger chocolate flavour so I fixed that the next day.

Day 3- On day three I made the frosting and my first batch of meringue cookies. I made a big batch of my whipped cream frosting and divided it into 8 bowls. I coloured six of them in pastel rainbow colours and left 1 for white and 1 for sky blue. I also soaked the cakes in a chocolate syrup I made by mixing water, icing sugar and cocoa powder. This would ensure that the cake would be a little sweeter, more chocolatey and really soft and moist.

I assembled the cake by putting the first layer of a cake board which was on a turn table and adding on the last colour of the rainbow frosting which was violet. Make sure to work backwards here since you want the first colour on the top. Using an off set spatula I smoothed it out and continued stacking.

After I put the last layer of cake I covered the full cake in a thin layer of white whipped cream for the crumb coat which would trap all of the crumbs in this layer so the final layer of frosting stays nice and clean.

Once I finished the crumb coat and put 2 straws into the cake for support which is essential with tall cakes. I let the cake chill in the fridge for an hour before covering the full cake in sky blue frosting to represent the sky.

I also made the meringue cookies which are light French cookies made out of egg whites, a flavoured essence and sugar. I tried making rainbow swirled meringues by dividing my meringue mixture and colouring it before putting all of the colours in a piping bag and piping them out. Since this took a lot of time the meringue had deflated which made it really difficult to pipe and the shape wasn't coming out well. Then I baked them for 1 hour at 105 degrees Celsius and took them out of the oven to cool. Unfortunately the meringues had turned dull in the oven because the temperature was too high. Removing them from the oven immediately made them soggy and not crisp which was also problem. Even though I wasn't happy with them I moved on to the fondant decorations.

Along with the meringues I decided to made some other fondant decorations on this day like some clouds and a little rainbow. Having a sketch comes in handy a lot especially when it comes to the details like this.

Day 4-This was the day I had to finish the cake and deliver it. I did some more research on meringues and learnt that once you bake them you have to let them cool IN the oven for 2 hours so they turn crisp and not soggy. I made meringues again and this time I painted the inside of my piping bag with food colouring instead of dividing the mixture and colouring that because that took too long which made it deflate the air in the meringues. I put a toothpick in the meringues before baking so we could put the toothpick in cake pop sticks to make meringue pops for the top of the cake. I baked them for 1 hour at 95 degrees Celsius which ensured that the meringue would be vibrantly coloured and not dull like last time. I also let them cool in the oven for 2 hours. This resulted in perfect meringues.

I made some small meringue drops for decoration with the extra mixture.

While these were in the oven I touched up the cake with some more sky blue frosting which I had saved.

Also yes I did change my outfit for photos.

Once I finished touching up the cake I put on the fondant clouds and the fondant rainbow I had made earlier.

I put in 2 cake pop sticks in the cake so my unicorn fondant decoration could sit straight.

Then I carefully put the little unicorn onto the cake.

I inserted the meringues with the toothpick into cake pop sticks and placed them onto the cake.

I added on my meringue drops to the top and put some light pink meringue drops which I had also made to the bottom of the cake.

I rearranged the meringue pops and TA-DA the unicorn rainbow cake is finished!

This cake turned out just like the sketch (maybe even better)!

To deliver the cake I removed the meringues and meringues pops and kept them in an air tight container. I also removed the unicorn in another air tight container. You do this so the meringues stay as dry as possible and the unicorn doesn't weigh down the cake. When you want to do the cake cutting place all of these decorations onto the cake and enjoy! I delivered the cake in a large cake box along with the decorations for the top.

I hope this post gave you an insight on how I make birthday cakes and how I plan everything out!


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