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Tips and stories of my productive mornings

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

With me trying out this productive morning challenge for 3 days I have learnt a few things about this and I want to share them with you so you can have a super productive morning.On this post I am also including some of my stories with productive mornings.

Rai's 2 top tips for productive mornings-

1) Sleep early wake up early- I know, I know you may have heard of this tip but it is really important and I realised it while doing this challenge. If you want to wake up fresh and not tired then you should definitely keep a habit of sleeping early.

2) Make the morning fun- Make the morning exciting so you have something to look forward too while waking up.Instead of a glass of milk try to make a fun protein shake (recipe given on my previous post), make fun breakfast like a fluffy omelette or try out a dance workout instead of a normal workout, these things can make your more fun and exciting.

My pancake tray cake-

My fluffy omelette-

My story with productive mornings-

On day one of this challenge I was very excited about having a productive morning. On this day I woke up at 7:30 and did a workout for only 10 minutes because I had slept late the night before and was very tired.One very exciting part of this morning was that this day I made a pancake tray cake(recipe given on previous post) and topped mine of with a spiced yogurt frosting and pumpkin pie spice, this was definitely one of my favourite breakfasts yet.

On the next day I slept earlier and woke up happier, I had the leftover pancake tray cake from the day before and was pretty happy though on this day I did not do a lot of creative work in the morning.

Some of my morning photos-

Excited to start the morning-

Me tired in the morning after a workout-

This blog post is pretty short but I hope this gave you more excitement about productive mornings.

I hope this post inspired you to have very productive and happy mornings and I hope my personal story helped.


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