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Things to make your day incredible!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

During these tough times we need something to lighten us up. On this post I want to share some fun ideas that you can implement in your day to make it more fun and to give you a positive boost of energy.

1)A extra tall stack of pancakes with butter and loaded with syrup!Take your breakfast game to another huge level by stacking up your pancakes and pouring a lot of syrup over some butter(yum)!

2) Comfy clothing- Now that we are all at home and are not going anywhere outside you can wear a pair of PJ's or anything else that is comfy or cozy, this will make you happy and will make your Monday's feel like Sunday's!

Me holding an apple crumble in my comfy dress-

3)Hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows- This combo is heavenly and will give you a warm and cozy feeling even in the summer days-

My cookie cup filled with whipped cream and marshmallows served thick french hot chocolate!-

4) If you don't have a pet you can try out a which dog breed should I get quiz or which pet should I get quiz, try these with you family and enjoy looking at the pets adorable faces!

I tried out a quiz about which dog breed I should get and I got golden retriever! These quizzes will be sure to give you a smile and it's just a fun thing to do if you are bored.

Look at these adorable puppies!-

5)Bake some cookies!- Baking cookies are so easy and fun to get your family involved, if you want you can also have a fun cookie bake off!(My post on home bake offs- https://www.rworld.online/post/home-bake-off) Cookies are so fun to make and eating them is definitely not a challenge!-

My cake mix cookie cakes(post-https://www.rworld.online/post/cake-mix-cookie-cakes)

Chocolate chip cookies!-

Peanut butter cookies-

Sugar cookies-

Thats all I have for now!

I hope this post inspires you to stay positive and add some fun in your day!


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