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Things to do when you are bored at home-part 3

Updated: May 6

So well....

Were still in the pandemic but that doesn't mean we are going to get bored!

If you have not checked out my previous-things to do when you are bored posts you should definitely check them out for some other really fun ideas.

Click here and here

On this post I have compiled some really unique and different ideas which I really think you will love.

1)Design an outfit like a fashion designer-This may seem weird but it's seriously so fun and creative.You can make the sketches of the outfit on a paper or online with a stylist( (if you have one).I made mine on my I-pad in Adobe Draw with my Apple Pencil but you can use different mediums to make your design come to life.There are so many tutorials on YouTube which can teach you how to draw models, clothes and accessories so when in doubt, tutorials will help you out!

If you don't know what to design then choose one of your family members or friends and tell them that you want to design an outfit for them.They can tell you their personal requirements ,needs, ideas and/or a theme.

One YouTube channel which can really help with theme/inspiration ideas is Natalia Mandej .Her

Some great themes to create an outfit on are-

-Tropical vacation

-Day at the mall


-Back to school

This idea also makes a perfect and personal gift idea.

I have designed a couple of outfits on Adobe Draw which you can take as inspiration-

An outfit inspired by the Maldives (post-here)-

An outfit for a day at the mall-

2)Make an animation flip-book-This is such a creative idea which can take a bit of time.

All you have to do is..

-Take a diary (it doesn't have to be new or empty) or a bunch of the same sized papers and bind it using a binder clip

-Draw a small object such as balloon on the corner of the page

-Draw the object with a slight change such as movement

-Make 25 to 30 animation pages with just a little change in each frame

-Keep testing it throughout to see if you made a mistake or want to change something

-Be creative! Use colours, patterns and more to make it POP!

-Add the finishing touches and TA-DA your animation flip-book is ready

This is a such a great way to get your creative muscle moving and the outcome is incredible.This will test your story telling skills in a unique and different way.

Check this video out here explaining how to make an animation flip-book in a clear way.

If you want to really perfect the art of flip-book animation then check these helpful tips out here.

3)Make a rube goldberg machine-A rube goldberg machine is a machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way.Now you might ask why but the main purpose to build a machine this is to be creative and innovative. Using household items you can build something incredible. Some videos that really inspired me to build my own are



You don't have to make your machine very complicated. Make something easy first and experiment with objects like-


-A remote control car or something else




Be super creative and just have fun.

4)Experiment with fusion cuisine-Fusion cuisine is when you combine different elements from different culinary traditions and meals.Experiment and create your own iconic fusion cuisine dish/meal. Some great fusion cuisine examples are-

Greek Quesadillas

Fiery Tandoori Chicken Tacos With Cilantro Corn Slaw

Sushi Burrito

Rice Kheer Sushi

Saffron cardamom panna-cotta

Whipped fruit jelly

Some fusion dishes that I created are-

Indian masala oat salad-

Garlic bread sourdough-

Dulce De Leche scones-

Tropical paradise madleines-

I create fusion foods by combining flavours and dishes that I like and that I think go together.

Thats all for today folks!

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I hope this post inspired you to have some fun and do something a little different.

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