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Things to do at home when bored(part 2)!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I have compiled another fun collection of things you can do when you are bored! The time has come to do something different and fun and I want to share some of my favourite things to do while bored.

If you have not checked out my previous post on things you can do at home when bored then you can check it out on this link-https://www.rworld.online/post/fun-things-to-do-at-home

Let's get to the fun!-

1) Make a refreshing drink- This one is super simple but will cure your boredom in minutes, make some lemonade, juice, ice tea or anything else just be creative!

This a photo of pinkadoodle punch I made for my family celebration! It has raspberry, orange, lemon and honey! Smelled delicious and tasted heavenly! It also complimented well with my Dadi's spicy Tokri Chat! I love it when one item can be a show stopper in itself and also blend and elevate other items in the menu as well with their qualities of taste, texture and temperature.

You can also make your drink into a popsicle if you want. If you have a pool nearby then enjoy next to the pool but if not you can try to make an indoor beach from my post-https://www.rworld.online/post/indoor-beach

This a photo of some watermelon lemonade that I made!

2) Photoshoot- Using a camera or a phone click photos of you, your family, pets, friends and more and dress up in fun outfits, try different poses and use unique props. You can make a collage or just a fun memory but let me tell you it will take sometime to get that right shot and now that we all have time we can click some amazing photographs! I think that photos in movement look really natural and unique but experiment and have some fun.

A small collage of some of the photos I have clicked and posed in.I have photos from quarantine but also some other favourites (the first one is a cake photoshoot)!

3) Yoga- Yoga is a great and relaxing exercise to do and you can have a lot of fun as well. You can have a video call with your friends while doing yoga or you can just put on a video and follow. This is a healthy way to pass time and it's a great morning habit. You can check out my theme of the week post on morning routines -


Let me know some of your favourite yoga poses in the comments down below!

Me doing the Vrukshasana - the tree pose

4)Listen to an audio book- I came across this just a couple of days ago and I have already listened to 3 big books! If you want to get a little entertainment but don't want to look a a screen, listening to audio books is a great idea. I used Audible to listen to my book but you can use any other app as well.You can easily spend over 4 hours listening to some great audio books! Cozy up with a blanket and hot chocolate to listen to these books and it will be a treat!

5)-Create your own music tracks!-

You can use apps like GarageBand to create simple and fun music tracks to dance or sing along with and it's super simple to create a track! Share your creations with friends and family and have a ton of fun!You can have a dance off too!

YUP dance like no one is watching!-

I hope this post inspired you to have some fun and to be productive during quarantine!


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