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Setting up the perfect stand

Do you have a carnival or a fund raiser where you have to keep up a stand?

Well this post is all about it!

Rai's ideas on what you can sell-

  1. Mini rainbow cupcakes-I had put up a stand in a carnival for mini rainbow cupcakes and everyone loved them.Rainbow cupcakes is just one example but anything that looks attractive and is at a low price will get customers.

  1. Lemonade-All of us know the classic lemonade stand and most of us have kept one up.If you don't have time to make something harder than you can sell lemonade. You can give a twist to classic lemonade for more customers.Example-Put a pinch of pink salt in your lemonade or put a fruit juice at the bottom of the glass to create a sunset lemonade.

  1. Marshmallow pops-I have kept up a stand for marshmallow pops more than three times and every time it was a success. It's easy but also tasty and if you have more time you can keep an area in your stall for toppings- sprinkles, chocolate chips and candy. People can tell the toppings they want and how much they want it and you can put it on their marshmallow pop for them. You have to price the different toppings similar to frozen yoghurt!

Tips and tricks-

  1. Make something that is unique but also classic.

  2. Create posters and fliers(advertisement).

  3. Keep an offer(buy 2 get 1 free).

  4. Branding- create a brand by making a logo and printing it on sticker paper so you can stick one on each lemonade glass or plate.

  5. Keep things in your stall eco friendly- Avoid plastic and disposable things instead look for reusable spoons that your customers take theirs home and you an start initiative like get your own plate or cup and spread the word the day before the stall.Keeping things green and clean will help your stall and you will attract more customers!

Have fun arranging your next stand!


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