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Riti's dream cake and it's very unique story!

Updated: Aug 2

Hello everyone,

I have been busy making a 4 year old's girls' dream come true in form a cake and I am very excited to share the entire journey with you all.

So here we go...

The Story-

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Riti. She was turning 4 in August, so her parents wanted to make it the most special birthday celebration EVER! Since the pandemic, Riti was missing swimming very much.

She wanted to go to beach and swim in water and have fun seeing fishes.

I had made Peppa pig cake for her last birthday. ( my blog post - https://www.rworld.online/post/character-cakes) So her parents wanted me to make an ocean themed cake this time.

I was excited as I am like Riti and love water, fishes and all ocean creatures.

I wanted to make it interactive and wanted the cake to tell a story so I thought and thought and made so many sketches and finally decided on one!

This is my sketch of the cake. It is Riti diving into the ocean with her feet still above the water and all sorts of sea creatures and corals surrounding her. I borrowed many inspirations of this cake from creatures to colours from my trip to the Maldives (blog post on Maldives-https://www.rworld.online/post/geode-cupcakes-2)

For decoration. I planned to use fondant to make all characters on the cake including Riti. Last time I had used marshmallow fondant, so I was going to use marshmallow to make fondant. I ran into a road block here - I did not have marshmallows to make fondant. I called up all supermarket nearby but they did not have it. So I ordered online and the delivery date was after Riti's birthday. After spending hours on this search, after dinner, I decided to make fondant from scratch and work on the characters. I was out of energy already. But I had to stretch else I will fall behind schedule as per my plan.

I refreshed myself and jumped into making fondant from scratch. It was an effort but the final outcome was even better than my plan with the marshmallow fondant. The fondant was pliable, soft, smooth and yummy to taste. Here is the photo of the ingredients of homemade from scratch fondant

You can clearly see that kneading and coloring all that fondant was pretty tiring but so worth it.

I decided to stick to a pastel theme as it would look much more closer to my ocean theme and it is more appealing and and beautiful. I was so thrilled seeing the colours.

After making the fondant decorations(sorry no photo) it was midnight so I decided to do the rest of the recipe testing on the next day.

Next was flavour of the cake. As last birthday was a chocolate cake, this time Riti's parents wanted some other flavour. Since the theme was ocean, I thought of three flavours - Raspberry Mint, Lemon blueberry, Coconut Mango. As always, As I develop my own original recipe, try the flavours few days earlier so I know the taste and texture and test out few proportions to see what will work in terms of structure of cake as well as flavour combination.

I was pretty sure that we would love one of them. For various reasons, I was not happy with the taste and texture of all three flavours. I wanted the best for this cake. The problem was the fact that the coconut mango flavours did not POP and bring the joy which I visualised. The fresh fruit affected the cupcakes texture which I did not want. As you can see in the photo below, me raspberries floated to the top of the cupcake and gave strange blue grey colour. Also they made the cupcake soggy.

The next day I made an orange chocolate pound cake just to see how it tastes.....and it was incredible, the orange was tangy but not overpowering and the chocolate complimented the orange wonderfully. The taste transported me to Maldives where I had orange sorbet and I felt this is the one for this cake.

After baking the cake, I crumb coat it and kept it to set overnight.

Next morning, I set out to cover the cake in blue background fondant, I used the blue fondant which I had made for ocean character few days back. Unfortunately it was cracking badly. I wanted a fine finish to the cake and not shabby cracked one. So timely I decided to make the fondant again!

With experience, things gets easier. So this time fondant making was less tedious.

Rolling the fresh fondant is like rolling roti. Smooth, soft and delightful.

My years of playing with playdough was so useful when it came to making characters out of fondant. I developed a new love for sculpting through this endeavour of making fondant cake.

I added the handmade fondant decorations and TA- DA, the cake comes to life beautifully. From vision to reality.

I was happy tired and proud of my growing through this cake making.

I wanted to give great OOBE(Out of the Box Experience) too. So I had designed the box which is easy to open on side and branded it too with my RWORLD branding.

My sketch, the cake and of course my branded cake box!-

But the story does not end here.

The fondant of the cake was sweating a little so I had to reduce the humidity in our house.

We enclosed the cake in the box and put it in fridge.

When time came to deliver, it was testing time. It started to rain and atmosphere humidity was all time high. Aaaah!

You might think that nothing would have happened to the cake as we were in a car but did you know that when you start there AC in your car it is only 70% in car air and 30% of the air is from outside! With our cake safe in the box covered, we hoped for the best.

Since we delivered the night before, we asked them to wrap the cake box in plastic wrap just for some extra security from humidity. It was a super fingers crossed moment!

It was Riti's birthday the next day, we joined Riti on a video call for the cake cutting, I had butterflies in my stomach. It was a really nerve wrecking moment as well as it was the best feeling ever when Riti saw her dream in form of a cake with amazement!

The cake looked perfect and nothing had happened to it!

When she tried a piece she said that it was the best cake ever from Raina didi!

Even though planning and preparing the cake took so long it was so worth it.

I had made a few cupcakes with the remaining batter and frosting. I celebrated with them and let me tell you I was diving in the ocean of happiness and joy!

This journey was super exciting and many non planned events happened which actually led to a better cake. This experience taught me persistence and improvisation which I am pretty sure will help me in the future! And even though this was no cake walk(you get it) it was a very memorable experience!

Hope you enjoyed reading this experience as much as I did creating this original cake.

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I hope this post inspired you to make dreams come true!


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