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Rai's best ever chocolate mousse!

Updated: May 3

One of the most enjoyable things in life is having a nice big bowl of chocolate mousse while watching a classic movie!

Rapunzel was one of my all time favourite movies and still is one of the best movies out there! I always have imagined Rapunzel whipping up some chocolate mousse when she was stuck in her tower so I decided to theme my chocolate mousse around her!

Being in quarantine is kind of like being stuck in a castle so what better time to whip up some delicious mousse for friends and family!

This recipe is incredibly easy and a perfect treat to whip up for the holidays!

It's definitely a must try since it's so customisable!You can swirl in a little peanut butter or top it off with some fresh berries!

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Ingredients- |Yield-Makes 4 large cups|

With chocolate-

-2 cups whipping cream

-1 1/3 cup whole milk

-1 1/4 cup dark/milk chocolate(for a more chocolaty flavour use dark chocolate and for a more sweet flavour use milk)

-Toppings of your choice (nuts, peanut butter, chocolate chips, berries, crushed cookies etc..)

With cocoa powder-

-2 cups whipping cream

-1/3 cup condesned milk

-1/4 cup cocoa powder

- Toppings of your choice (nuts, peanut butter, chocolate chips, berries, crushed cookies etc..)


For the one with chocolate-

1)Chop your chocolate into small pieces using a sharp knife(be careful).

2)Bring your milk to a boil over medium heat and stir it occasionally with a whisk.

3)Once your milk reaches a boil add in your chopped chocolate and stir vigorously until it turns into a glossy mixture and set to the side to cool down.

4)While it cools down whip up your whipping cream until you get soft peaks(image below).

Make sure you DON'T curdle your cream or else it wont work.

5)Add 1/2 of the cream mixture into the chocolate mixture and fold until combined.

6)Then add your whole chocolate mixture into the cream mixture and fold very gently just until combined(image below)

7)Evenly distribute your mousse into 4 large cups or ramekins and make a swirl pattern using the back of your spoon.

8)Top your mousse with any topping of your choice(I topped my mousse off with some chopped chocolate and sea salt)

9)Refrigerate you mousse for a minimum of 1 hour or for the best results, overnight.



For the one with chocolate-

1)Bring Whip your cream to medium peaks(image below)-

Do not over whip it or else it WONT work

3)When whipped add in your condensed milk and cocoa powder and fold making sure not to deflate the air in the cream.

3)Transfer your mousse into cups/ramekins.

4)Top your mousse with any topping of your choice.

5)Refrigerate you mousse for a minimum of 1 hour or for the best results, overnight.


Bonus step-If you want to make instant ice cream, just freeze this mousse for 3 hours and you will have the easiest ice cream ever!

The secrets of this recipe-

1)The condensed milk in the second recipe is a substitute for sugar with the added bonus of its richness!

2)The reason you don't want stiff peaks in your whipped cream is so you can have that dreamy melt in your mouth feel when you take a bite of this mousse.

This mousse is like happiness in a mousse form and is seriously so so so good!

I hope this post inspired you to have some fun in the kitchen this holiday season!

Happy holidays!


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