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Rai's B.O.T.W-Book of the week!

Updated: May 4

The book of the week (drumroll please) is "Eat That Frog ""by Brian Tracy

This book has taught me a lot of things and it has helped a lot. The main moral

of the book is do the important things first and the more fun things later .Eating the frog means to just do it, otherwise the frog will eat you meaning you will end up procrastinating the whole day. Let me give you some examples-

1) I was in pre- primary and I had some homework to do but I wanted to play with my friends.I first thought about it and then I realised that if I do my HW first I can enjoy playing and it worked! And just because I was in a hurry to complete my work doesn't mean I din't do my work well. I am still using this phenomenon and it helps me save time and be a more productive person.

2)I was in Maldives and we had just arrived to our water villa, I was so excited to go swimming but I decided to unpack and then go swimming. This way I could have fun in the pool without having to come out because I have to unpack.

3)I was in Dubai with my family to visit a waterpark. Since we were going to have unhealthy food through out the day we decided to have a healthy breakfast. This gave us enough energy to have fun in the waterpark.

Eating the frog doesn't mean doing the harder thing first it means doing the important things first.

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I hope this post inspired you "Eat the Frog" and learn from books

Happy reading


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