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Quarantine food trends!

Updated: May 6

We are all in quarantine and there are some very fun and popular trends created during this time, on this post I will be sharing some of my personal favourite food trends that I love!

Top 5 quarantine food trends-

1)- Dalgona coffee-

Most if not all of us have heard about this incredibly popular trend! I personally DO NOT like coffee but I have to admit that I have at least made this fluffy coffee at least thrice!

You can use your hand and a whisk to beat this coffee up but it will take a long time (perfect for a workout though), I prefer electric beaters more than hand but my BFF is my stand mixer. I first made this coffee with electric beaters but it din't work even though I beat it for 40 minutes, so I switched to my stand mixer and a fresh box of instant coffee and it worked perfectly!

Tips and tricks-

1) Use the freshest coffee and make sure it is not expired

2) If you have a stand mixer use that on high speed

3) You have to use instant coffee to make this work

4) Be creative and experiment with different flavours (I put in some cocoa powder and made a dalgona mocha)!

5) You can be creative with your milk by adding in some vanilla extract or use a plant based milk to make this treat vegan!

6) You can add the sweetener of your choice besides sugar (honey, agave etc...)

7) Don't put too much water or else your coffee will NOT whip.

8) Have this coffee as soon as it is finished as the foam will settle after a couple of minutes.

My dalgona mocha!-

The recipe I used is pretty classic but it tastes so good!-

Recipe-Makes 2 medium glasses

2 tablespoons warm water

2 tablespoons instant coffee

2 tablespoons sugar or sweetener of choice.

Milk or plant based milk

Optional- Flavourings

Optional- ice


Pour your instant coffee powder, water and sweetener into a large bowl and whip it up using an electric or stand mixer.

While your coffee is whipping prepare your milk by pouring it in your glass half way full.

Top it with your coffee and enjoy!

2) Smoothie bowls-

Recently I have been seeing a lot of people make smoothie bowls (thick smoothies served in a bowl and topped with fruits and nuts) so I decided to try make one myself. The key is to use frozen fruit and a high speed blender. Avoid using too much liquid since that will make it thin and you want a thick and creamy smoothie bowl. After testing and experimenting I realised that frozen mango and banana work the best!

My mango coconut smoothie bowl-

My peanut butter and jelly bowl (rworld.online Instagram)-

My mini donuts!-

You can make any type of cereal that you like but the original it pancake cereal which is literally mini pancakes!

3)Cinnamon buns-

This is not a new creation but many more people have been making cinnamon rolls now that they have a lot of time! Even I have made cinnamon buns (not for the first time) but they were so soft and sweet and delicious!

My cinnamon rolls (I had them with a delicious cream cheese glaze but we din't click a photo because it was irresistible)!-

4) Banana bread-

Many people have started baking by making banana bread, banana bread is one of the easiest and tastiest treat to make during quarantine and I love it!

You only need a few ingredients and there is no need for decoration unlike some other sweet treats!

My healthy chocolate chip banana bread-

5) Homemade sourdough bread and starter- I never thought that people would be crazy about bread during quarantine but here we are! Sourdough bread needs an acquired taste and many people have developed it during this time. Since we have a lot of time now creating a sourdough starter is a great idea as it needs time to age and create a delicious flavour.You can even document the process and the grown in the yeast from the starter and create a collage or poster and share with friends and family!

My sourdough whole wheat bread-

Thats all for now as there are so many more food trends like baking cookies and brownies, making homemade pasta and dumplings, homemade jam and making instant ramen fancy!

Citations and inspirations-



I hope this post inspired you to make the most of your time and to step into your kitchen and create something incredible!


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