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Productive mornings 2021

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share a post on productive mornings. Some of my coming posts will also be related to this topic!

Before I did some research on productive mornings I thought productive mornings was just sleeping early, waking up early and meditating but it is so much more and when you actually try to have a productive morning. It can be really fun!Not only is a productive morning fun but it has many health benefits.

On day one of posting with this theme I want to share a productive morning routine that is fun and easy to follow.You can personalise your morning routine according to what works for you the best.I could not add a lot of personal photos as I had not clicked any photos of my morning routine yet, there will be more personal photos on my next post.

Note: The routine that I am sharing with you is for weekends as I have classes on weekdays.

Rai's productive morning routine-

7:00-7:15 - Wake up and freshen up- brush, change, make my bed, drink water etc..

7:15-7:25- Have a smoothie (recipe coming on my next post)

7:25-8:00-Read a book-

8:00-8:30 -Exercise-Yoga/cardio/weight training

8:30-9:00-Make a fun breakfast (surprise recipe shared on my next post)

9:00-9:30- Eat breakfast(yumm)!Get some fresh air-

9:30- 10:00- Bullet journal

Also please follow rworld.online on instagram for more recipes and inspiration, I really appreciate your support!

I hope this post inspired you to have a more productive morning increasing your productivity and happiness!


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