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One Theme Two Cake Designs

I love making cakes on themes as this is where I can be creative and it will make me think, ideate, fail, think on feet and come up with alternate solutions and struggle-victory is going to happen as i progress to make that vision come true.

So this year on my birthday, I sooo wanted to travel but as we all know that is not possible so I decided to travel through my cakes.

I had two celebrations - one for family and friends in my colony who could be there in person. After few days it was online celebration with my best friends from school and childhood.

Here are the cakes around the same theme - Travel

Cake 1 - Chocolate cake island with homemade Blue Lemonade Jelly sea with corals and fishes and aquatic animals.

Cake 2 - Triple Chocolate Cake

I made a travel theme invite with my newly learnt skills on computer.

My grandparents decorated the corners in our home with different travel collections that I have done. We had slide shows of the fun we had and stories of food and adventures we did.

And I got so many books as gift and one of them was my top favourite chef's book. It just made my day!

Next Day morning, I was back to my kitchen...baking and recipe testing....After all Bakers Gonna Bake!!

Hope you enjoyed my post. Now I am moving to instagram and posting there everyday.

So do click here to see rworld.online Instagram and follow and like and comments. Your comments will make my day and tell me what more you want to see me baking.


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