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My Baking Journey (2012-2020)

Updated: May 6

Hi all it's Rai, as some of you may know that I love baking and cooking and if not you can check this blog post out! I have started baking/cooking when I was 4 in 2012 and I still do it and love it! I have made a couple of collages to share with you all and this first one goes way back!

When I was four I used to love to make dinosaur dosas with my mom and also cakes and cupcakes which I used to decorate to look like some of my favourite cartoon characters and Disney princesses. I you see the bottom left photo and the two after that you can see that I made a princess cake for my 5th birthday and also made some adorable mini mouse cupcakes! You can also see that I used to make many cupcakes with swirled frosting on the top which is where I got my piping skills!

On this collage you can see me expand my horizon from cakes and cookies and try something else. This helped me learn about different cultures and their food but also learn how to make and eat the dish. I made hummus, mozzarella wells, tacos, focaccia, homemade breads, meringues, mousse, ice cream and more and expanding my horizon also made me a much more innovative chef.

Over here on this collage you can see some of my best memories a baker. In Paris I had taken a macaroon making class with professional pastry artists and me as the youngest one there!In Nov last year I mede one of the most innovative and creative cakes and themed it to look like the Aurora Borealis for my friends birthday!I also had a small pastry arts course at Scafa Dubai which was one of my favourite memories!

And at the end practise makes perfect and after 7 years of baking I have learned a lot, failed a lot, innovated a lot and most importantly I have come to love baking A LOT!

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I hope this post inspired you to get in the kitchen and try something out and also to be a fighter and never give up!


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