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Let's get away to Dubai! Part 2

Updated: May 6

Virtual travel here we go on my magical word carpet!

If you have not read my previous post which is part 1 of this post you might want to go there before you read this post.

On this post you will virtually get away with me to Dubai from day 7 of my trip.

Get ready for a great adventure and some surprises along the way!

Note: I would strictly advice you NOT to travel during these uncertain times except on my magical word carpet!

Day 7- On day seven I woke up bright and early as I had a baking session at the SCAFA school of culinary arts! Yes I got to take personal classes with the pastry chef there! They had seen my previous work which i had shared earlier. I was not serious when i had shared my work, but was pleasantly surprised when they got back saying I was ready to take professional course which 18 year old takes as Professional degree. So I was their youngest student and all the Chefs and Instructors were very kind to set me at ease to take a senior level class even though I was not old enough(18 years).

The first half day was pretty relaxing at our apartment, admiring Burj Khalifa from balcony and having great food and then we took a taxi ride to the institute for my first class.

We made a lot of desserts on the first day. Who said it was going to be easy. After lot of hard work, I made Croquembouche (cream puffs), fruit custard tarts and berry napoleon.

Working in professional kitchen gave me goose bumps. I was alone inside with Instructor(no parents to support me like home). I had to be focused, prove I deserved this chance and also learn from my mentor there at the same time. I was excited scared and breathless. So taking deep breathe, calming and focusing on my work, i could handle the whole 6 hours of baking with no break.

I learned so much and it was just my first day! The class was pretty long lasting about 6 hours and once the class was done I was exhausted but so excited for the next day!

This photo is outside Scafa before my first class

My final creation of the first class - phew....Happy and proud!!

Dipping the cream puffs into chocolate ganache.

Drizzling the cream puffs with chocolate ganache

Plating the Berry Napoleon was fun!

Filling tart shells with pastry cream to make the fruit tarts

That evening we didn't do much. My feet ached and I was exhausted. I took a break and enjoyed some of the desserts I made with my parents and enjoyed Dubai skyline from balcony and we planned out the next day, sipping on hot soup in cold wintry night.

Day 8- Day eight was also not a busy day besides going for my second class in Scafa and exploring the Dubai mall a little more.

I have clicked a photo of my breakfast so I decided to add that in because..well...breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

We went back to Scafa for my second class. Before we move onto my class you might be wondering about what my parents were doing while I was baking, they would read books in Scafa library and roam around the institute, click photos and enjoy the pastries and coffee which Scafa's cafe had! You give books to anyone in my family, they are the happiest people on earth! Add water or tea or coffee to it, i don't think they will dive up for air for hours on go from the books.

My class that day was not as long as the previous day and only lasted about 4 hours and was much lighter. I made panna cotta with berry coulis and chocolate bon bons with cameral and chocolate ganache! Yumm yumm yumm!

The buildings and the lake outside Scafa were so beautiful so after my class we roamed around for a little bit before heading back to our hotel to freshen up and get ready to hit the mall!

I was excited about new food exploration in the mall. How tech, science and innovation can create food experiences.

First we went to Ice Cream Lab which was an ice cream parlour in the Dubai mall which made ice cream and other cool treats using liquid nitrogen. They will make the ice cream fresh in front of you and would be done in less than 5 minutes!

The giant mixers which made the ice cream

Then we had dinner, stepped into world's biggest bookstore and spend hours there and went outside to witness the Dubai Fountains again! The magic never ended as we watched the mesmerising fountains from different locations around and in the mall. It was 2 days before New Years Day so the Burj Khalifa also decided to light up and entertain!

Day 9- Day nine we went to Scafa for my last pastry art class. Like usual we din't do much for the first half of the day and then we went to Scafa for my class.

On day nine we made tie dye designed sugar cookies and a magnificent cake for New Years Day.

My cake creation - Surprise for my parents for New Years Celebration.

Me making cookie dough

Me outside Scafa after graduating from my class. I felt a different person coming out after learning so many things there.

Later that day we just relaxed and watched a movie as I had worked non stop for 9 hours in Scafa. I had developed the tenacity to work hard in gruelling heat, hands aching and feet hurting. It was tough the first day but then i got used to working non stop for 6-9 hours in kitchen without stopping.

Day 10- It was the 31st of December and was the last day of the year! My parents wanted to treat me for all my hardwork at Scafa. So we started the day be visiting Miracle Gardens- a flower garden which had sculptures and statues of flowers. It was truly magical.

Cool right?

It was also really hot that day even though it was winter so we had some ice cream and then went back to our hotel.

All the streets were closing because of the light and firework show on the Burj Khalifa. We were lucky enough to get a hotel with a view of the Burj Khalifa especially during the end of the year! Some people had to go to The Dubai Mall hours before the show to get a good view of the light and firework show! While we just walked to our balcony with tea, cake, dinner and sat there with best view.

Everyone 30 minutes the Burj Khalifa would light up to give some teasers about the show!

It was time........ to eat cake!

We cut slices of the cake I made the day before and sat on chairs in balcony to witness the magic of Dubai.

And yes the cake and all of the other desserts I made in Scafa were incredible (we got take them home)

We din't click a video of the performance as we wanted to be in the moment but if you want to see the entire performance you can check it out on YouTube here.

Day 11-It was the first day of the year and we started it with a bang by going to the Angelina

cafe in The Dubai Mall for breakfast! We had actually discovered the cafe when we were in Paris and had absolutely loved it and when we came to know that Dubai also has an Angelina cafe, we went bananas! It had the best hot chocolate and french toast and was such a treat! I would highly recommend it!

After that we took a 2 hour taxi ride to the desert. It was crazy how first we were in a huge city filled with skyscrapers and soon we were around nothing but plain sand! Endless mountains of sand everywhere. The transition was crazy. We had booked a place which let kids quad bike and do there activities themselves because most of the desert camps or desert safari places only let adults do the activities.

Our first adventure in the desert was quad biking!

In the beginning it was kind of new and scary but we started to love it. The desert activity place where we went had made a small area for beginner quad bikers with smaller sand dunes so we felt quite safe!

Then we went dune bashing with one of their experts. It was so exciting and adventurous.

The jeep that we were in went side ways around the BIG sand dunes. The views were magical. Don't worry we were completely safe with the seatbelts! We had butterflies in our stomach with jump the jeep took at top of the dunes...we laughed and were in tears, hoarse shouting and squeaking with thrill.

Our final activity in the desert was sand-boarding.

A sand-board is like a snowboard but instead of going down snow slopes you go down sand dunes! Going down was so cool but climbing up......lets just say..it was a workout!

Yup that's me!-

We took a couple of more photographs in the desert before the sun started to set. Then we headed back to Downtown Dubai.

By the time we reached it was dinnertime so we went to Farzi Cafe a modern Indian bistro which reimagines Indian food by incorporating it with molecular gastronomy and experiential dining.

We started the night by getting complementary mango lassi spheres which burst in your mouth and turn into mango lassi!

Then we got liquid nitrogen chaat!

We got this tomato garlic soup and some other courses before getting Mochi ice cream at a parlour outside this restaurant!

What a perfect way to end the first day of the year!

Day 12-

We woke up quite early and started the day by recreating Angelina's hot chocolate but at home in Dubai!

Time to explore The Dubai mall!

On day 12 we spend the entire day in The Dubai Mall.

First we went to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and saw the wonderful sea life and had a glass-bottom boat aquarium ride!

The glass-bottom boat-

Then we went to a Fro-Yo AKA frozen yogurt place outside the aquarium and cooled off.


We had lunch in the mall's food court and then we went to kinokuniya a huge bookstore to check out some books. It was was like Disneyland but for books!

We went to some more shops to get some gifts for family and friends before it was time for dinner!

We had dinner at Eataly which was a market place comprising of Italian restaurants, shops, Italian food classes and more.

We ended our night in the Dubai mall by going to the falling men fountain and clicking some photos.

Day 13-This felt like an ordinary day to me until my parents told me that we were checking out of the hotel and going to stay at Atlantis the Palm for the next 3 days!

I went crazy!

It had always been my dream to stay there and we did!

We said bye to Downtown Dubai, packed up and took a ride to Atlantis the Palm!

The lobby of Atlantis was so grand and magical and our room was the biggest and the best!

We went to the Aquaventure waterpark and had a blast. We went to rides, restaurants and pools and it was just how I imagined living in Atlantis!

The night in Atlantis was incredible!

We went to Kaleidoscope, a buffet restaurant featuring dishes from around the world, to be precise 26 countries as it was new years! It was definitely the biggest buffet I had ever eaten at!

Day 14-

It had been 2 weeks since we landed in Dubai and it only got better and better!

Back to Atlantis-

We started the morning by going to Kaleidoscope for their famous breakfast buffet. It was seriously the best. It had so much to offer-juices, cereals ,pastries, hot drinks and so much more!

Then we headed back to Atlantis for some more rides. My dad even tried the Leap of Faith!

Woah! He is the best!

The Aquaventure waterpark has various stands for food and swim gear so if you forgot your goggles or want a quick bite don't worry, you are covered!

Our personal favourite snacks were shaved ice at Tropical Ice and spiral potatoes both coming in various flavours!

These spirals of potatoes were soooo good, I am droolling writing about it!

We explored the waterpark more and went on a couple other rides and the wave pool and lazy river! We were there till they closed for the day!

We end the night by going to Ronda Locatelli, an Italian restaurant by the Michelin-starred Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli who creates delicious antipasti, stone-hearth pizzas and the best fresh pasta in Dubai. And had dessert at Gorden Ramsay's Breadstreet cafe.

Pasta at Ronda Locatelli-

The best sticky toffee pudding in the world at Breadstreet cafe- Oh My God! I want to build a temple of all my favourite chefs and bakers! Gordon Ramsay has to be there! He made heaven out of food!

What a perfect way to end our last night in Dubai!

Day 15- It was our final day in Dubai as we were heading back home.

We checkout of Atlantis and took a cab ride to the Airport where we had our last meal in Dubai.

We boarded our flight hoping be back soon!

We loved our trip to Dubai and can't wait to be back someday!

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I hope this post inspired you take a break and look back at some travel fun!


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