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Let's get away to Dubai! Part 1

Updated: May 6

We all are itching to travel while being locked down this year due to pandemic.

So in this post I wanted to take you along with me to Dubai.

Note: I would strictly advice you NOT to travel during this pandemic except for virtual trip like this.

As I share what we did in Dubai, you will travel with me to these beautiful places to visit, create a food experience journey and make beautiful memories! Writing this itself is making me smile ear to ear and giving me the tingling exciting feeling we get when we know we are going for a vacation.

I decided to write more travel posts as I really enjoyed watching travel videos and reading travel blogs because it felt like a short get-away which was highly needed with hectic single place sitting schedule we all have!

Our trip to Dubai will be long as there are so many things to do so I decided to divide this trip into 2 parts.

Let's fly away!

Day1 - First we took a flight to The Dubai International airport also known as the DXB airport. Our flight from India took around 4 hours, which is great since we can reach the destination without a jet lag. There are couple of airlines flying to Dubai. The most well known is Emirates. It gives best service, it will feel like you are in business class with huge screen with all of the Movie and TV show options for all ages combined. It will also serve food which is class apart from regular flight food which is not so appealing. This food experience will be amazing. The four hours will feel like 10 minutes when we were on this flight!

You will get a kids meal until you are 12 years old but the adult meal is equally delicious.

In my lunch, I got a bun, butter, apple juice, pasta & veggies, crackers, cheese, chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, cheese spread and a rainbow cake slice!

When we land in the Dubai airport we have the option to take a taxi, bus, car or metro to our resort house. If you land in the Dubai for a connecting flight then I highly recommend you choose flights with a longer layover. The DXB airport is like a mall! There are so many cafes, bookshops, gift shops etc that you can spend an entire day in the airport.

Since we were a big family, travelling together, we booked 2 taxi's in advance. The taxis in Dubai are extremely luxurious. When the driver took us to the parking lot of the airport we saw a beautiful black Limousine parked there along with many other luxurious cars and when he opened the door of the car we were speechless.

It was probably the best car ride ever! Not to mention the fact that on the way to our hotel we saw The Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Frame and The Museum of the Future which was under construction. Besides all of the famous landmarks there were so many skyscrapers in all of these cool geometric shapes that we felt like we were going into the future.

The skyscrapers soon started to vanish as we closer to The Palm Islands. It is a manmade island that looks like a palm tree, many resorts are on that island and the tip of the island is the famous Atlantis The Palm resort.

The first 7 days of our trip we stayed on the Palm Island and after that for next 10 days, we stayed in downtown Dubai.

Our stay in the Palm Islands was incredible. Both part of the stay were differently paced with its unique activities we did.

This is a photo of our hotel and their house resort where we stayed-

First day itself, we went to pool and seeing the aqua marine blues itself made all of us relax.

Few of us jumped in and enjoyed the cool waters while rest enjoyed lazying around.

This is a photo of the pool overlooking the sunset!

The pool was huge and there were life guards everywhere just incase!

Safety first!

The view of Atlantis The Palm from the pool!

Day 2 - We woke up excited for our first full day exploring Dubai. We took a taxi to Atlantis The Palm to board a Hop On Hop Of double decker bus. Sitting in double decker bus is so much fun!!

We took the bus to The Dubai Mall which is one of the biggest mall in the world! We explored a little and checked out few of the shops and restaurants before it was time to go to The Burj Khalifa!

The Burj Khalifa is very well known to be the tallest structure and building in the world and has a couple of levels where tourists can go. We went to the At The Top Burj Khalifa experience This is a poster which I found on the Burj Khalifa website which explains the levels of The Burj Khalifa clearly-

We booked tickets for the At The Top Burj Khalifa package and the VR experience which was on the 124 floor of the Burj Khalifa. Before we could even board the elevator we had to wait in a LONG queue which was kind of expected as it was the tallest building in the world. We boarded the elevator and when started to move upwards at a crazy speed which we did not even realise because of how smooth the travel was. The elevator itself was magical because throughout the 1 minute journey to the 124th floor it showed graphics of the tallest buildings in the world and the higher we went the graphics of the tallest buildings came and when the ride was over it ended with a graphic of the Burj Khalifa!

After we reached the 124th floor we explored all of the decks with the smart binoculars which let us see all the way to Palm Jumeirah. The view was incredible and we were not even at the top of the building! After we took in the views and sights we went to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs. Then we had to do our VR experience! I was the first to go and probably the most excited! I wore my head seat and got ready to climb the Burj Khalifa and to jump down (with a parachute of course) to complete the mission. My grandmother tried the experience as well and loved it!

After the adventure of a lifetime we went back to the deck to see the sunset. It was definitely one of the best sunset's I have ever witnessed! With the red sun setting into the ocean over Palm Jumeirah and ATLANTIS!

After seeing the sunset we went back down to the mall for the one and only Dubai Fountain Boardwalk which we had booked on the Burj Khalifa website as well. We had exclusive access to the fountains and we could get as close as 9 meters to it! The choreographed fountains that lit up, danced gracefully but will full on power as little water droplets fell on us! The Burj Khalifa might seem to be the highlight of that day but for me it was The Dubai Fountains! And even if you don't want to buy tickets to see the fountain from up close then don't worry you can enjoy the fountains from the outdoor restaurants in the mall or even the terrace restaurants. The Dubai Fountains will perform every half an hour so you will have enough entertainment! The Burj Khalifa also lights up with quotes, colours, photos once in a while!

Day 3- Day 3 was a rest day after all of the walking in and around the mall of Day 2 so it was quite short. We woke up quite late and had a lazy breakfast before exploring the rest of our hotel! Because it was winter, the hotel lobby was decorated to be very festive but the main attraction was definitely the GIANT edible gingerbread house with a cookie and chocolate shop inside! It was a dream come true!

We had lunch and then explored the beach and the rest of the place. We ended the day by going to a cafe for desserts and coffee!

Day 4- On Day 4 we explored Old Dubai. First we went to the gold souk and then had lunch in an Indian restaurant before went to the Museum of Illusions and explored all of the super cool illusions. One of my favourite was the big and small room which was a room with a slanted floor so when one person is on one side they look really tiny and when the other person is on the other they look really big and when you click photos from a particular angle the floor looks flat! After exploring the Museum of Illusion we went back to Old Dubai.

F.Y.I I am not that tiny!

But something that I really thought was cute in Old Dubai was the fact that all of it was not that old.Yes some of the souks and shops were old but some of the really upcoming brands and shops were there as well but camouflaged in the old stones and clay! I absolutely loved this and the little "old" Starbucks!

There are lots of Arabian treats in old Dubai such as Baklava and Arabian coffee-

Then we took a very short Abra Boat ride to the other side of Old Dubai which is where we boarded a taxi to go to Al Hadheerah which was a restaurant in the desert where they had had a buffet and cultural performances. The buffet there was huge but most of it was non-vegetarian so there were not many options for us but the vegetarian Arabian dishes were amazing and since I did not really get to experience a lot of Arabian food in my life this was a great experience. The cultural performances in restaurant were also spectacular with bright lights and bold costumes!

The cultural dance performance-

The large buffet-

The statue of a camel that kind of scared me!

Day 5- Honestly this was the day that I had been waiting all week! The day to go to Atlantis The Palm! I had wanted to go here for so so so long and had done a lot of research! I originally wanted to stay here but the dates were booked so we went there just for one day and went to the Aquaventure waterpark. There were so many water rides/slides, restaurants, shaved ice and spiral potato booths that I planned out the entire day a month ahead! We went to The Aquaconda, River Rapid and Torent River as the main rides and ate at Shark Bites. After we explored the waterpark we went to the Lost Chambers Aquarium which was the best combination of the marine life and fantasy.

It was a great day and it was very memorable!

Day 6- The best way I would describe this day would be 'Futuristic'! In the morning we went to the Dubai frame which holds the title of the largest picture frame in the world (Dubai has broken sooooo many records, it really is the country of the future)! The Dubai frame is the best place to get incredible photos of the Dubai Skyline and The Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Frame also is like a museum which shares the story of Dubai's past, present and future using innovative technology.

Then we had to say goodbye to my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins and move into downtown Dubai! We stayed at an apartment opposite the Burj Khalifa with a direct view of the Burj Khalifa! Later that night we went to the La Perle show Created by the legendary artistic director Franco Dragone, the story of La Perle pays homage to the UAE’s pearl diving history in spectacular style thanks to the purpose-built theatre, where gushing waterfalls and torrents of rain flood the stage and then drain within seconds.

You'll be at the edge of your seat as world-class artists perform remarkable feats, including aerial acrobatics, death-defying dives and unbelievable motorcycle tricks.

This is just a small glimpse of the show. The rest can only be experienced if you are actually there!

Amazing right!

I would definitely recommend going there! It was mesmerising with the set, acrobats, dancers, actors!

That ends our first week in Dubai. What a great start to our getaway! Stay tuned for next week where I share the rest of our journey!

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I hope this post inspired you to look back at your previous travel memories and make the most out of it!


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