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How to stay organised during a pandemic

Updated: May 6

It's been a while since we went to school, work or any other place outside and now our day to day life isn't that exciting or fulfilling in the way it used to be, which makes us less productive and kind of dull.

So today I will be sharing some really helpful tips that helped me to stay organised and excited even during this pandemic.

Staying organised not only improves our productivity but also our happiness!

First let's dive into To-Do lists-

Most of us have made one but only some of us found it useful.


Because we might have not made the To-Do list the right way. I know it sound crazy to have a right way to make a To-Do list but it really helps.

How to make a productive To-DO list

Step 1- Figure out whether you want to make your list online or physically. I usually make my list online as most of my time is spend on my laptop.

Step 2 -Time your tasks.Note down when you need to finish the task and how long it will take to complete it. The next step is also related to this step.

Step 2.5- Prioritise in order. Keep the things that you need to complete first on the top of your list and then the things that can wait a little longer. This way you complete the most important task first. One more thing to note when your are prioritising your task is that don't make a list according to what you want to do first instead do what you NEED to do first.

Prioritising your tasks can include making some choices so today I have made an example problem which everyone can solve (it's like a puzzle).

Puzzle Problem-

Note your answers down and then check the end of this post for the answers.

Lisa has a busy life and this is her To-Do list. You have to prioritise her list as it is jumbled! Her school ends at 2:00pm and she has to take a 20 minute break before coming back to the screen.

-Math homework-needs to be done on screen (has to be submitted by 3pm and takes half an hour and 10 minutes to submit)

-Bake a cake with mum (before 8pm and takes 1 hour to make and 30 minutes to bake)

-Singing class project (has to be submitted by 6pm and will take 40 minutes)

-Clean my room before mum comes back from grocery to bake a cake with me (she will come -back at 5pm)

Step 3- Complete your tasks and update your list. I used to first make my To-Do list on the application-Notes as it had an option to tick boxes. But I would have to keep going back to noted to see my list and sometimes would forget to tick a box if I completed the task. Then I moved my daily To-Do lists to the application on my laptop-Reminders and found that very helpful as it would keep reminding me to do a task until I did it and ticked the box. These are just the two that I used but there are so many other online To-Do list makers that you can use and of course the classic paper and pen will the trick! And when using apps like reminders you can choose the date and time as well which means that you don't have to make the list in order as it will do it for you!

My To-Do list on notes:

My list on reminders:

How to complete all your tasks-

OK....... so now that we figured out how to make lists let's jump into how we should actually complete them. If you have a not so exciting day ahead of you then make it exciting. Once in a while feel free to reward yourself. Even if you have the hardest day in front of you a little reward can go a long way.

Some great reward ideas-

  1. Movie and popcorn

  2. Spa night

  3. Book and hot chocolate/coffee/tea

  4. Homemade pizza night

  5. Online shopping (does not only mean clothes. Books, craft supplies, baking tools etc...)

  6. Self care+bullet journaling

  7. Learning a new recipe and making it (great recipe ideas here)

Reward collage!

Now it's time 4 the fun!

The work is done

Let's make some popcorn and munch away

Yup! Today was a great

Now that I am done sharing my ideas and thoughts about how to stay organised during a pandemic it's time for me to share the answers for the Puzzle Problem-

1.Math homework-needs to be done on screen

2.Clean my room before mum comes back from grocery to bake a cake with me

3.Singing class project

4.Bake a cake with mum

Did you get all correct? Let me know in the comments down below(login with your email to comment)!

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I hope this post inspired you to stay productive even during a time like this and even reward yourself once in a while.


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