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Home bake off!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

All of us are at home with our families and I thought it would be fun to share an event idea with you that you can try out at your home. Before I write more about this I want to share an acrostic poem on- Bake Off-

B-Baking a treat

A-Amazing everyone take a seat

K- Kite cake and bird cookies on the way

E- Everyone is having a fun filled day

O- Opponents stand opposite to each other

F- Fun is here as we do it together

F- Food, fun and family

Rai's tips on how to organise your own bake off at home-

1)Make contestant forms- Make forms either online or on a paper and give everyone in our family a form except the person you want to judge the competition, remember to include the rules of the bake off in it as well.You can even have a theme for your bake off and for more fun don't tell your family the theme until the time for the bakeoff. This way it will be like a real bake off and your family will have to be creative.

2)Confirm the bake off- After you have got all the forms send a letter or an email to your family members so they know the date , time, venue etc...

3)Starting the bakeoff- When everyone arrives make everyone sit on the dining table and put everyones names in place holders that you can make using paper. Read them the rules one more time and give them the theme. If you want it to be more prompt then make chits and put a theme on each chit. Make one person pick up chit and that will be your theme. Keep ingredients in one place and also keep an extra area for the special ingredient. The special ingredient should be used in each ones treat. Make the special ingredient unique like chilli powder or zucchini.

4)Time for the bake off-Take your parents/ your phone and keep a timer, don't include the time for the treat to bake as that will vary according to your treat.

5)Presentation-Give everyone 5 minutes to plate their dish and then tell them to keep it next to their place holder.

6) The judging- The judge will call out everyones name and they have to bring their dish to the judges place holder.After the judge has tasted everyones dish you can ask everyone to enjoy and try each others dish while the judge makes the decision.

7)Prize time- Announce the winner and then give them the prize. It can also be a set of fancy plates or a cake stand. Celebrate and remember to take pictures!

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