Maldives Travel Adventure

One of the best vacations I have had is in Maldives.The sunny sky, the bright blue water and the amazing water sports for you to enjoy. I want share some of my tips with you to have the perfect Maldives vacation!

Rai's guide to the BEST TRIP EVER to the Maldives-

Pack the least clothes as possible-Pack the least so you don't have to carry a lot since most hotels are on their own islands and you will most likely have to take a speed boat or a sea plane to reach there, so pack the least and enjoy the most!

Ask your waiters in the restaurant the special on the menu. When we went to Maldives and if we hadn't asked the waiter the special then we would have never tried out the amazing, refreshing and tangy blood orange sorbet!

Try out some fun water sports!- In the Maldives the highlight for us was the ocean, the swimming and the fun water sports. We tried out jet skiing, speed boating and paddle boating and most of the resorts have these activities that are located on the hotel's beach.

Enjoy the marine life-You can go snorkeling, scuba diving or you can just watch the marine life when you go to the beach and ocean. In our trip we saw some stingray feeding and we saw sharks all living in their natural habitat, the ocean!

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