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Things to do at home when you are bored

Updated: May 4

Because of the pandemic almost all of us are at our home and we have nothing to do .Well in this post I will give you some ideas on things to do at home.

Ideas on things to do at home-

First before you begin these activities you can take long strips of paper or popsicle sticks and write down each of these ideas on them, so when you have nothing todo just pick a strip and you will having fun in no time!

1.Do a painting- This idea may seem like an idea that is very common, but there is so much to painting then just painting.You can go online a see some ideas that inspire you to create your own painting or you can watch a video tutorial and follow. You can make a scenery, abstract or any other type of art.These are some photos of the paintings I have painted-I have watched some Bob Ross tutorials and I have done some of his paintings.

2.Make a sketch-This may sound similar to do a panting but its completely different. Recently I was on YouTube and I just found this sketch of a girl and then I wanted to try it. The speed of the video was really fast so I slowed it down in settings playback speed. I din't expect myself to make such an amazing sketch but then the more I practiced the better I became!

These are some of the sketches I have made-

3.Photography-Take a camera or just a phone and start clicking photographs around your home. This may seem like a two minute job but if you really focus on photography you will find out that it is way more than just clicking photos. You can take photos of objects, people or food.I love food photography and I really enjoy clicking photos of food! I like to keep a nice background and make sure the light is just right (wow it rhymes) and then I click the perfect photo! Keep experimenting and you will love photography!

These are some photographs of food I have taken-

4.Experimenting in the kitchen- This is a very broad topic and I can write paragraphs about this but I don't want to take your time up in reading so this is what I mean by experimenting in the kitchen .Try something new out in the kitchen, create your own signature dessert or make a very unique dinner to share with your family. You can try a million things in the kitchen and if you don't have a lot of time you can try to create your own drink!

Make homemade shaved ice by crushing ice in the blender and topping it off with fruit flavoured syrups and juices. Make your own ice cream flavour! There are a million things you can do right in your kitchen!

Some of my delicious crazy creations!-

Pavlova- very berry and milk chocolate

Cranberry juice caviar (small pearls)

Hot chocolate and whipped cream in a vanilla cookie cup-

These are just some of my experiments in my kitchen, but you can do so much more!

6.Movie night- Make tickets and popcorn and have your own movie night at home!

You can make your own popcorn station where people can pick their popcorn flavours and toppings and you can make it like a real theatre by making tickets. You can have a movie night anyway you want. You can invite your friends, family or both and have a great night together. Make homemade snacks like cracker pizzas and chocolate cake. If it is summer freeze your favourite energy drink or juice to create an energy popsicle! You will have a great night!

Also please follow rworld.online on instagram for some great recipe ideas and food inspiration! I really appreciate the support :)

I hope this post inspired you to make the most of your time and have a blast!


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