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Frosting-less cakes!

Hi.... It's me, Okay so this is a topic which isn't really talked about a lot so when I recently got an order for a cake without frosting I decided to write this post. Frosting-less cakes are pretty straight forward-A cake without frosting but what makes this tricky is how to make it creative and unique. On this post I will show you the different frosting-less cakes I've made along with a few ways to jazz up cakes like this at home! Don't get me wrong I love me frosting but sometimes people don't like or prefer it which is okay and there are ways to make frosting-less cakes creative and pretty!

Let's get to it- 1) Aurora borealis jam cake-

I made this cake a while ago but it's one of my favourite frosting-less cake because it doesn't compromise on the presentation and creativity!

I made this cake by make some vanilla cake and sandwiching that with blueberry and strawberry jam. Jelly doesn't have a lot of structure so I used jam since this cake was big and heavy.

How to made this- Make the cakes and keep them in the fridge overnight so they are sturdy. When the cakes are done baking and are cooling, make the jam and set it in the same pans you made the cake lined with a some reused and properly cleaned plastic. Set the jam in the fridge overnight as well. The next day lay out all of the elements including the decorations, in this case all the aurora borealis elements.

Then layer the cakes with the jam and cause both of these are strong and sturdy this part isn't too hard.

Using a knife you can trim the rough edges of the jam to make it look smooth and clean.

Once you finish decorating you can put this back in the fridge fridge for about an hour so it's completely set and ready for decorating. Decorate the cake however you wish related to the theme (you can use meringue, white chocolate, shredded coconut etc..) and TA-DA your cake is ready!

Thank you Avani and Taru Aunty for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow in my baking business!

2)Eggless frosting-less carrot cake-

I recently made this cake and even though it sounds difficult to make a decorate it's actually one of the easiest cakes I've ever made!

How to made this- First make the cakes (I made carrot cake) and because it's eggless you can use one of these egg replacements such as-


-Mashed banana

-Condensed milk


I used condensed milk for mine. And yes it's vital to use an egg-replacement because it gives structure to the cake which prevents it from falling apart.

Another important tip while making an eggless cake is to let it cool completely before stacking and decorating which will also ensure your cake is strong.

In this cake I made 1 medium sized cake and 1 small and using a circle cookie cutter I cut a small circle from the medium cake so I had 3 layers and a place to hide the sweet nuts which I made at home by toasting almonds and cashews and adding that to some melted butter with brown sugar. This is for the piñata part of the cake.For this cake I used nuts but if you have any allergies you can use M&M's or any candy of your choice which is hard and isn't heat sensitive.I placed the cake on a cake-board so the nuts stay in the cake and I filled my cut out with the nuts like so.

Sorry if that was complicated...moving on...

I filled that to the top with my sweet nuts and then put the next biggest layer on top.

After that I put the smallest layer which I had cut out using a cookie cutter.

I made a cake topper by writing the birthday message on some cardboard and then cutting it out and sticking that to some cake pop sticks (you can also use skewers) which you cake slide into the cake.

And your cake is ready! This is a super fun and easy way to make an impressive eggless and frosting-less cake. Thank you so much Veena aunty and Amma for letting me have this opportunity to learn and grow!

3) Jelly cheesecake-

Want something a little different but still super delicious, you can make this jelly cheesecake! This cake is perfect for people who aren't a fan of cake but like cheesecake.

How to made this-

First make a vanilla cheesecake (you make a vanilla cheesecake so the colour of the jelly really pops).

Next make jelly in the same tin as the cheesecake once you're done making the cheesecake and it's chilling in the fridge. I made strawberry jelly (from a packet I have to be honest lol) but you can also make jelly at home. Let the jelly and cheescake set over night and the next say remove the jelly from the tin by putting a warm cloth around the tin making it easier to remove the jelly. Then place the jelly on top and enjoy!

That's all I have for today! I hope you learnt something about make frosting-less cakes at home and if you did make sure to write your favourite method down in the comments (it's free) and also check my Instagram account for more FOOOOD! Just search rworld.online and you'll find me! Rai

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