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Food photography hacks!

Updated: May 6

I know that I have not been posting on my blog for a while but that's because I have been learning and exploring food photography. I wanted to learn this skill for a while but just din't have time, but here we are in quarantine! I am not an expert on food photography but I did learn a thing or two about tricks to make food look better and I want to share some of my favourite hacks with you!I want to give credit to The Bite Shot(Joanie Simon)for inspiring me to get into food styling and photography and by giving some of the tips I am sharing with you- www.thebiteshot.com

If you don't have a camera you can shoot photos from a phone or tab as well and these hacks work for both! Use these hacks only if needed but otherwise you can click incredible photos just with your food! These are some of the food photographs clicked by me-

Note- Please don't eat these foods or give them to someone else as some of these have un edible items.

Let's hack it up!-

1)-Fake ice cream-Clicking food photos is hard work and sometimes you can spend over an hour or two just with the same food to get the lighting and the background right and so clicking photos of ice cream can be a challenge, you can use real ice cream but you will have to freeze it a couple of times in the middle and so I found out a recipe for fake ice-cream. This ice cream is edible but I think it's too sweet for my taste. Plastic ice creams look fake but this ice cream looks just the the regular ice cream but doesn't melt! You can add some chocolate sauce, nuts or a cherry on the top just like real ice cream!

Note- If you are shooting an ice cream ad for a brand please DO- NOT use this trick as it is a strict rule to shoot photos of the real product for brands.

Fake ice cream recipe-makes about two-four scoops of ice cream


1 can frosting of your choice or 2 cups buttercream frosting

1-2 cups powdered sugar(add according to the texture desired)

Optional- Food colouring

Optional- Toppings like chocolate sauce or crushed cookies


Combine all your ingredients in a large bowl and mix together until it forms a very soft clay consistency.

Scoop and add on toppings if desired.

2-Chilly drink- Most of us know the look when a chilled drink comes out from the refrigerator it looks frosty and after a minute or two some water droplets form outside of the glass creating a cool and refreshing look but when it comes to photographing such drinks it does not work because by the time you set up the background and camera your chilly drink doesn't look chilled at all! But food photographers came up with a couple of solutions, like spraying a equal mix of clear glycerine( the thing that makes soap) and water or by spraying deodorant.I find the easiest thing to do is to mix some corn syrup laying around with some water and then with a spray bottle a spray it on the middle section of the glass.I love this hack and the finished photo looks amazing!

3)Saving food-To save a lot of time and effort in making a lot of food you can save that by putting a small bowl or ramekin in your dish and then pouring on soup or swirling on spaghetti.This trick is so simple but does a lot of work for you!

4) Sponges, toothpicks and cardboard-You can use makeup sponges or normal sponges and cardboard to give height to food without it looking too fake and use toothpicks to give structure to foods like lettuce. All these tricks come in handy specially while constructing a burger. Do you see some commercials about burgers and look at that burger and think about how good it looks while in reality your burger looks flat and sad well those are the some of tricks used in food photography!

5)Olive oil- Sometimes you want some foods to look juicy or shiny but they are just not looking that great, well olive oil comes to the rescue! Use a paint or pastry brush to brush on some olive oil to foods like olives, burger patties and/or fruits to make them shiny, look juicy and give out some light reflections.

Well thats all for now!

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I hope this post inspired you to learn more about food photography and tricks to make some foods look better!


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