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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Today is the last day and post of the theme of the week- Productive mornings. If you saw my first post this week you will see I included my morning routine and as a part of this everyday I do creative work for at least 30 minutes. Also note that all the videos and photos on this blog post is created by me! On this post I have included 2 videos which you have to click on to see.

List of creative things I do -

1) Paint a canvas-Above photo-

2) T-shirt art- Tie and dye

3) Lego stands and boxes - make stop motion lego movies(will write a post on it one of the days)

4) Writing new articles on this blog. I love researching and trying out new things to write about.

5) Making new interesting refreshing coolers and drinks or meals

6) Bullet journaling

7) Stop Motion video

I made a video with these photographs of the creative items I am doing, I hope you like it!-

What do I mean by creativity-

By creativity I mean being fun, crafty and unique and it tells a story or communicates something to a viewer. It is an expression of a thought, feeling and a message.

Creativity doesn't only need to come from handicraft, but you can use online tools, do food presentation and learn photography.

Writing down ideas in night before you sleep, will make next morning very easy, fun, creative and you will have a direction in your work.

I made a stop motion video with polymer clay but unfortunately you have to pay to use music so this video does not have music.This is also a project I have been working on and I hope you enjoy it-

When I feel like a need a boost of energy and creativity I like to have a refreshing glass of iced tea which helps a lot and gives me energy to do creative things.


Homemade iced tea- Usually you steep tea bags into hot water and then cool it down but I find that makes the tea really strong so in my recipe you steep tea in room temperature water so it gives a mild yet tasty flavour. This recipe is perfect for kids who can't handle heat yet.

Rai's homemade iced tea-

Makes about 4 large glasses of tea-

4 cups water(room temperature )

2 lemon/green tea bags

3 tablespoons of honey

1 1/2 cup ice( I used ice which is frozen in a colourful fruit shaped cover)


Take the water, honey and iced tea and let the flavours incorporate for about 5 minutes

Taste the tea before serving and pour it over ice


I hope you got inspired this week to have productive mornings and to always stay creative and happy.


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