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Bullet journaling 101- part 3

Updated: May 6

Today is the last day for the bullet journaling series. If you guys have not checked out my previous posts on bullet journaling then you can check them out here

Today we will look at some inspiration to inspire you to bullet journal creatively.

Inspiration and copying is not the same, inspiration is when you take some of your favourite ideas or elements from something and put your own twist to it while copying is when you copy what another person made. I would recommend everyone to get inspired and to take inspiration from this post instead of copying which includes no creativity and innovation.

Before I share the bullet journaling ideas I want to share the incredibly talented and creative people behind these journaling ideas and methods-

Lucie Fink


Now time for the fun! :D

Some beautiful themed calendars and monthly spread ideas from AmandRachLee-

Check her channel out for more incredible inspiration.

I made a short video on Lucie Fink's bullet journaling ideas. What I love about her journal is that it represents her. From the playful colours to the water-colouring Lucie Fink own her journaling style just like we should!

Like said in the video owning you own style is very important. You should create your own bullet journaling style. It could be geometric with many lines or shapes, artistic with paint splashes and colours or just something new! Let's own our journaling style!

Some great theme ideas and watercolour ideas for you journals are-

-Gem stones


-Palm trees


Be creative and come up with themed ideas according your favourite food items, plants, flowers, doodles and so much more!

Now for the long awaited....

Rai's bullet journaling story.

My bullet journal is not perfect or the prettiest but I am proud of how far I have personally come to explore the topic.I will share the month's calendar and one of my favourite bullet journaling pages and the story behind it as I don't think people want to see each and every page of my journal (90 pages)so I wanted to highlight my favourites.

I began bullet journaling at the end of March of this year. I had watched Lucie Fink's bullet journaling videos and I was so inspired by how productive her life became after journaling. I was wanting to bullet journal from the beginning of the year but it was never the right time. Either I had to much of school work, was to busy with my friends in different projects or I didn't have that creative boost of energy. I was very unorganised and had not planned anything, I just went with the flow. It all changed at the end of March when I finally told myself that if I have to start bullet journaling now to live a organised and happy life. Also my mom was in another city. So I needed this to stay on path everyday to achieve my goal. That one sentence changed it all. The next day I found one lined book which was not the best but it was all at had at that point. So I got all my favourite stationary and got ready to transform my life!

I wrote my name, made an index and then made a calendar and theme for April. I chose to have a flower and rain theme for April.

And as you can see I was not neat or planned! But that is what I want to show on this post, the transformation of a person by bullet journaling.

On the right side of the page in the above photo you can see that I had set up a weekly challenge of wearing something new and tying up a new hairstyle which might not sound like much but at that time my mom was out of station and she would usually tie my hair or pick out my outfit and doing that by myself was tricky and confusing. I got inspiration from YouTube for some simple hairstyles and attempted on trying them out. The same for the outfits. That week I had really pushed myself to try something new and I still do some of those hairstyles today! If it were not for my bullet journal then I would have not learned something new and different that week.

Next came May. May was the month where I did the most journaling and the main reason for that was because I had my vacation mid May onwards. As you can see the beginning of May was pretty busy mainly because I had tests in my school.This calendar helped me organise my study sessions, hair-care days(thanks to the challenge in April) and graduation! This month's theme was sunsets.

I made these to food doodles because I was really focusing on my mornings on May. If you have not seen my productive morning posts(check them out here) then you know that during may it was all about mornings! Breakfast was one of my favourite aspects of having a morning routine. So on the left you can see I made breakfast doodles.I was also into wellness during May so I made a healthier future doodle page on the right.

Late in May I was experimenting with different styles and on the left I was into fashion design so I designed a dress and stuck it in my bullet journal like a scrapbook. On the right I made another poster style page about a productive day for me. One of my favourite doodles in this page is the little ice tea glass with the fruit ice! May was about wellness, mornings and iced tea. I also shared my iced tea recipe on my post on creativity.

The above page you see was a game changer. My monthly doodle. It is been a tradition in my bullet journal since May to make doodles and to shade it with the colours of the month.I made these doodles when I was bored and then I shaded it with yellow, orange and hot pink to represent a sunset.

Later came June. This calendar that you see above is one of my personal favourites as it is very neat and summer'y with all the fruit.The fruit doodles completed the look of this page.

I also made a monthly goals page(above) and I found that the little watermelon slices really cute!

My June doodle(above) was interesting as i explored more doodle ideas but I personally think that you have to be bored to make a nice doodle filled page(like May's doodle) but I do like this doodle page a lot and I think that is makes my bullet journal way more fun to look at when flipping through.

July was Back to School month and that was the theme of July as well. In this calendar I love the element with the pinned Post-It's doodle, I think it was a cool touch.

I made this weekly planner a week after school began and I love it. The stickers and non-perfect boxes ties this look together and it helped me stay organised through the days.

August is the month with the India's independence day in it and so I made August's calendar themed after India and Tricolour flag.

This month is also the month of my parents birthdays so is quite a busy and exciting month. You know I like planning celebration, meeting people and creating food experiences.

School means homework. I made this homework tracker with my friend so we can complete our homework every week. I took photo on 14th for this post, so you can see tracking till that day. We divided the work so we would do a little homework everyday and eventually complete the homework. Which is a huge + for me!

Those are the highlights of my journal! I hope you learned some tricks and got inspired to start a bullet journal and to transform your life.

Bullet journaling does not require a skill but requires an open mind to learn and to work hard towards your life. When I first started bullet journaling I had to push myself to journal everyday but just after 5 months, I feel the need to journal everyday and if I have any problem the journal is ready to solve it!

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I hope these three posts inspired you to start a bullet journal today!


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