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Bullet journaling 101-part 2

Updated: May 6

We are back with the bullet journaling series! If you have not checked out my previous bullet journal posts you can check them out before reading this post as it is a continuing series.

My first Bullet Journaling Post-https://www.rworld.online/post/bullet-journaling

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Are you back?..


So today we will be talking about everything bullet journal related! We will be talking about the type of journal you should get, stationary and some of my favourite bullet journal spreads!

Let's get into it!-

Picking out your bullet journal-

So now that we have got the tips and tricks on bullet journaling lets start journaling.....but you need a journal! Picking out your journal is not the most important aspect of bullet journaling but picking out a journal will help you a lot while making different trackers and spreads.

Ideal size of a bullet journal-Dimensions:- 18.5 x 24.5 cms

I love this journal from 7mm as it is the perfect size, it is dotted on the inside and because it's cover is very artistic and cute but you can use whatever type of journal you have(plain pages, ruled or dotted).

To buy this exact journal you can visit 7mm link or Amazon link

The inside-

When I started bullet journaling I could not buy a new journal as we were in quarantine so I used a lined journal which would not be my personal pick as I love to make doodles and the lines were pretty distracting but it did the job. You can buy whatever type of bullet journal you wish but I recommend a dotted or just plain paper.

The way your journal looks is not that important but having a cute cover can encourage you to journal more often. Like I said before I had to use the journal I had on hand which had a solid pink cover and I still used the journal today.


Having some great stationary supplies when you bullet journal can affect the neatness and the overall aesthetic of your journal.Good quality pens and pencils is a must but highlighters, sketch pens, brush pens, coloured pencils and stickers is not needed but totally recommended!

Some of my favourite brands include(these are some very common and useful stationary items which you can find in stores or online mainly found in India)

Black gel pens-Reynolds Jiffy 0.5mm Needle Point Gel Pens Black

Pencils -Aspara pencils

Highlighters(super smooth) -Luxor highlighters

Faber Castell colourful sketchpens connectors-

Cute stickers(you can buy them anywhere)-

I want to share a small slideshow with some of the cutest stationary to make you bullet journal POP and some great ways to organise your stationary!Totally optional though.

You don't need to have cute or fancy stationary to make your bullet journal very artistic and colourful. You can use the supplies you have at home as well.

Don't have washi tape? Then make your own at home-


www.youtube.com › watch

Boring pencils? Wrap washi tape around pencils and brighten up your bullet journaling experience.

Basic stationary can be transformed into something that inspires you to be creative and positive.

Bullet journal spreads and trackers-

Time to actually do the bullet journaling! Bullet journal spreads are very important and the main idea of bullet journaling is to live a healthier, happier and organised life.Tracking your habits or breaking bad habits can be one of the most important aspect of this kind or journaling. The idea of bullet journaling is to organise your thoughts in one place and different bullet journal spreads can be customised into your own needs.

Habit trackers-

These kind of trackers help you track your habits or help you break bad habits. Building a life long habit takes time and a well known way to track your habits is to track it for a minimum of 21 days. These trackers can help you track various habits at once but I would recommend to start with only one habit as it puts less stress on you and can help you achieve your goal successfully.

An artistic habit tracker for multiple habits-

A minimalistic habit tracker for multiple habits-

When I began bullet journaling I found this video very helpful-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM0bbnLZpGU

Kay is showing us five habit tracker ideas that we can do in our own bullet journal.

Mood Trackers-

When I first began to bullet journal I had no idea mood trackers were a thing! They seemed quite weird to me at first but the more research I did the more I came to love the idea. Mood trackers are trackers that help you track you mood every day and tracking your mood is a great way to recollect memory and maybe even remember the exact moments of anger or happiness. Mood trackers can help you see if you were happier this month or last month is is a method to turn you into a happier person.

Artistic mood tracker-

Minimalistic mood tracker-


Calendars are something that are part of every bullet journal as they are the overall view of the month and/or year.You can mark important days, meetings, exams, study sessions etc..

and having a monthly calendar helps you have a division between the months.

Bullet journaling is definitely something you should try during this time.

That is all for now.Stay tuned for tomorrows post which includes inspiration for your own bullet journal.

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I hope this post inspired you to get a journal and organise your life!


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