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Bullet journaling 101 -part 1

Updated: May 6

On this post you will get all the information you need to start journaling.

I have divided bullet journaling into 3 parts-my tips and tricks on bullet journaling and things I wish I had known, how to start and continue bullet journaling, my personal bullet journal sneak peak and some more inspiration to get you inspired!I will write 3 posts-one for each part and this post is Part 1.

Make sure to read my other 2 posts coming tomorrow and day after!

Part 1-Rai's tips and tricks on how to bullet journal and things I had wish I had known before you start to bullet journal-

1. Everyone's bullet journaling style is very different, some people like to have a very colourful, bright and artistic bullet journal while others may like to have a clean and minimalistic bullet journal. And style does not only mean how your journal looks but also the purpose of your journal. A student in school might not want to track their budget but a adult might want to and according to your needs your bullet journal should help you achieve your goals and overall live a better life.

This a very colourful and artistic weekly spread-

While this one is a minimalistic weekly spread-

And you cannot judge on the way a person likes a spread cause that is what works for them and that is what is more important. I personally like to have a spread that is pretty artistic but also has some clean and minimalistic elements. Your style is what works for you.

2.Don't worry about how your bullet journaling looks - When I started bullet journaling I thought that bullet journaling was all about how pretty a page looks, bright colours and a lot of cool artistic elements. Bullet journaling is a way to organise your thoughts, ideas and over all life. You can make your bullet journaling really creative but at the same time don't try to be perfect as your bullet journal is just for you!

3. Be original- Being unique and original with your bullet journal is very important as it also plays a role in your personal bullet journal style. Try not to copy bullet journal spread ideas and instead take inspiration from others and then put your own spin on it! You can check my post which comes the day after tomorrow about inspiration from others and also from my own bullet journal.

4. Go with the flow- Don't overthink it. Get a empty journal, some pens and a highlighter or two and just go with the flow. Make spreads, doodles, trackers and so much more but try not to be a perfectionist as learning something new takes time and practice.

5.Bullet journaling is a habit. Create a habit tracker for bullet journaling everyday. Initially, I was not so regular at maintaining a daily journal. I would write in it for a couple of days but then just leave it and come back to it few days later. In following a regular routine, I am sure most of us know how that feels! So for the first month of bullet journaling, I recommend, you keep only 1 habit to track - being REGULAR at bullet journaling! This will create that fun anticipation everyday to put something nice in your bullet journal and how it grows into a book you will love.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on how to actually start bullet journaling!

Till then get your journal/diary(lined or plain paper as per your choice) and get all the stationary you need!

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I hope this post inspired you to start bullet journaling with originality step by step!


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