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Updated: May 6

I can't say enough on books...I love books and spend most of my time reading books, when I am not in my kitchen creating food experiences. I love to read about cultures, people, stories, food, technology, leadership...

My latest favourite is Creative Chef by Jasper Udink ten Cate. It is very unique and different from other books i have read on food so far.
It taught me how we can tell a story through food. A must read if you are as crazy about designing food experiences as I am.

Another favorite of mine is Dahlia's Bakery Cookbook - Sweetness in Seattle.

We found this snug little bakery in one of my trips to Seattle. It serves breakfast fare & pastries along with sandwiches & signature coconut cream pie.

So when I came across their cookbook on amazon, I had to have this in hand and make those yummy treats at home and relive every experience of that food journey.

I love their pies and tarts. The Owner, Iron Chef, and James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Tom Douglas has written the best loved recipes from this incomparable bread and pastries mecca. Whenever i read the book, it transfers that passion for high quality baking and joy of making something so simple yet refreshing. This surely goes to my golden shelf of favorite books.

This post would be incomplete if Flour Water Salt Yeast does not feature in it.

My love for baguette started in Paris when we stepped into a bakery and bought some freshly baked baguettes for dinner. Till then it was just long fancy bread for me. The moment we reached our apartment and we unwrapped this warm beauty of the bread, I realized this is different. I sat on the window sill of the living room viewing the Eiffel Tower and ate the whole baguette just like that. No cheese or milk to go with. It was crunchy from outside and soft from inside, just how a baguette should be unlike the one's i had seen in Bangalore.

Every bite, I could taste the goodness of wheat, salt and wood fire oven smell. I decided, I want to master this art of bread making and make bread as showstopper every of my meal. Since then through trial error, I have swam the tough waters of making various breads.

This is a whole wheat bread I made after reading the book (yum)!-

This book is written by Portland-based baker Ken Forkish.

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I hope this post inspired you to read new books and learn from them and improve you're own skills in the kitchen!


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