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Bharatnatyam based cake

When I got a call to to create a cake for 11 year old Dheera by her mother, i was super thrilled. Dheera is very animated and creative girl in my colony where I stay. She loves dancing and to be precise, practising Bharatnatyam. It was an epic opportunity to be creative and learn about the dance form, dress, mudras and translate it into a cake form.

Bharatnaytam Cake - visualisation to reality

Here is the cake visualisation before I started baking.

Here is the cake...

I love creating new food ideas and flavour combination.

You can visit my instagram to see all the experiments I have been doing with food creation and food photography and video editing...I am learning so many new things about instagram and love exploring all its features.

Thank you for stopping by here and i hope you enjoyed going through this post and others on the blog.

Instagram is a magical place of creativity Do follow and comment on my post. It will give me lot of new insights and ideas to explore.

I read this in one of my notes - Makes me smile in this trying times which outside world faces.

"Drink enough water everyday, have 3-5 fruits and vegetables everyday, be kind to yourself and everyone around. Remind yourself of all that you have accomplished and the times you have won! Remind yourself, you are feeling so good and can do so many things freely and healthily and happily! Be grateful, you are YOU today!!

Lots of love and warm hugs in form of my food innovation, in this together yet lonely behind the screen times,


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